About Us


A vision built on innovation

Seven Summits Rehab and Health’s overarching vision is one built on innovation. We see a gap in the market for a new iteration of the standard physio clinic. We are not the run of the mill health clinic offering quick fixes to complicated health issues. We strive to be cutting edge by introducing our unique Sevens Model to help each person reach their individual health goals.

The seven summits are the tallest mountains on each continent of the world. We use this as an analogy for the client’s end rehab, health or fitness goals. James’ ultimate fitness goal is to climb the seven summits around the world and as such the clinic’s name comes from this aspiration. Whether your end goal is to return to dancing after knee surgery, to run your first ever marathon or to return to a hobby you love doing after an accident, we want to be on that journey with you towards whatever your ‘seven summits’ may be.

The birth of Seven Summits Rehab & Health

The clinic is inspired by a combination of both clinic owners' interests (husband and wife team James and Evelina). James developed a love affair with all things nature, mountaineering and rock climbing since his early twenties, while Evelina having lived and worked in Japan in her mid-twenties developed a love for the country’s culture and people.

Using these meaningful experiences from both their lives comes the birth of Seven Summits Rehab and Health, where one will see the amalgamation of climbing and Japanese influences present throughout the clinic – from the creation of the seven models, the clinic motto to the aesthetics.


James McDermott, Top of Mont Blanc, Europe