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Finding strength at your baseline

At Seven Summits, we strongly believe that to address one’s injury and concerns, the patient needs to be treated as a whole. Our Sevens Model specifically includes TCM because it addresses one’s overall health needs, and brings in other aspects of whole body wellness and imbalances.

There are a few key principles in TCM. One belief is that Qi (energy) flows through the body and performs many functions to maintain health. Imbalances in this flow cause symptoms, and must be corrected to balance the Qi. Another belief is the yin/yang theory and the notion that the one cannot exist without the other. The two energies are opposite, but complementary of each other. In practice, your TCM therapist will search for imbalances through the body and aim to balance the yin and yang leading to improved symptoms.


giving you another perspective

TCM can address a variety of health needs:


immunity enhancement and disease prevention

chemical dependency

anxiety and depression

health maintenance and wellness

TCM can also provide another perspective on what may be causing an imbalance in your body. Perhaps the symptoms are not solely originating from a dysfunction of the muscle or ligament, but more from emotions, belief systems or a lifestyle that is out of balance.

Once imbalances are identified, our TCM practitioner will use appropriate strategies to improve the energy flow or affect the excess/depleted yin and yang. Such strategies may include acupuncture, cupping, gua sha, Chinese herbs and TCM nutritional advice.

At Seven Summits, we strive to find the root cause of the problem, which is why booking in with a TCM practitioner may be the right choice for you.

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