Sevens Model


Achieving whole body wellness

Our Sevens Model is the culmination of owner James’ 10+ years of work as a physio in public and private healthcare, both locally and abroad. He has handpicked these seven specialties, as they target physical imbalances and a person’s mental wellness; both of which need stimulation to improve symptoms. We do not surface-level treat your physical ailment, we want to go beyond to provide whole body wellness. These seven areas complement one another, as the therapists can cross-refer to one another, as needed, in order to develop a targeted treatment plan for each client’s needs.

Through both treatment and the clinic environment, we aim to provide a whole body sensorial experience that targets our seven senses to create a calming and de-stressing effect for mental and physical health. We want to relax the body’s heightened sensitivity when it has an injury, to calm the anxiousness around achieving one’s fitness goals or to elevate mood and distract from pain/fatigue, so that the client can better benefit and participate in their treatment process.

Highlights of the clinic sensorial experience:

Minimalistic Japanese design with natural wood, bamboo, low lighting, warm tones to invoke calm

Special health promoting plants are present throughout the clinic, so we look forward to welcoming you into our Bonsai, Bamboo and Ivy treatment rooms

A variety of music genres in low hertz, like natural soundscapes, neo-classical, are playing to reduce stress, anxiety and balance energy levels

The clinic’s signature scent of therapeutic essential oils to promote relaxation is diffused throughout

an original scent that is a mix of East and West influences and is reminiscent of a walk through nature, for example, hinoki essential oil from Japan for a woodsy aroma, spicy notes of cardamom from India, a citrusy kick of bergamot from Italy

Complimentary specially infused waters with fresh, natural, healthy ingredients to help refresh and calm the body after an active session

before becoming a physio, owner James studied the culinary arts and worked in Michelin-starred restaurants, hence with this expertise he has hand-crafted these nutritious healthy water infusions