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Finding strength at your baseline

We strongly believe assessing foot mechanics is vital when we assess and treat the patient as a whole. You may attend the clinic with neck pain, but the main contributor could be from a leg length discrepancy or poor control of foot mechanics. Alternatively, your diagnosed runner's knee/ITB syndrome which may not be improving, no matter how many stretches you are doing, may be originating from a pronated ankle joint. This condition may initially need some foot support through an orthotic.

The feet are commonly missed or not thought of as a priority in rehab, which is why at Seven Summits, our highly skilled therapists address foot mechanics by observation, palpation and pressure-plate gait analysis.

Pressure-plate analysis assesses the amount of force that is experienced by the feet while walking and standing still. The pressure plate is linked to special software that dives into the world of foot analysis, and allows us to assess the mechanics and pressures that we are unable to via observation and palpation alone.


key Benefits:

Allows us to map the pressures that the feet experience in both static and dynamic movement patterns. This can lead to identifying leg length discrepancies, imbalances, different pressures between the feet.

In-depth informative reports that break down the biomechanics and allow, where appropriate, for us to prescribe orthotics based on your findings.

Highlights indicators and possible reasons for lower limb pathologies including: plantar fascitis, metatarsalgia, morton’s neuroma, fat pad impingement, heel spurs, tibialis posterior dysfunction, tibialis anterior tendinopathy, talocurual impingement, shin splints.

Highlights imbalances and causes for conditions other than foot concerns including: runners' knee, patellofemoral pain syndrome, ITB syndrome, low back pain, neck pain.

Live review of foot stability while completing squats, RDL’s, balance exercises, which can lead to increased awareness of position and improving stability.

What to expect from a gait analysis session:

Our highly skilled therapists will complete a thorough subjective assessment to gain valuable information about your current concerns and injury, past medical history and previous therapies.

Our therapists will assess your body mechanics observing your gait pattern, lower limb and foot mechanics, peripheral and spinal joint mobility and global strength.

The pressure-plate gait analysis will then be used, which will give us 2D and 3D versions of your foot pressures and inefficiencies.

The assessment will bring together both the physical assessment and gait analysis results to determine the best path moving forwards to addressing symptoms and improving mechanics.

If appropriate, options of short and long-term custom orthotics will be discussed and ordered through our clinic.


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