Holistic Osteopathy in Vancouver

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Finding strength at your baseline

Osteopathy fits in well at our clinic, as our practitioners aim to get to the core of the issue. Our osteopaths not only focus on the muscles and joints, but go that step further to bring in the nervous system, fascia and organs. This whole body system approach is a key underpinning of our Sevens Model.

Osteopaths specialize in the assessment of spinal mechanics and alignment, which are key in postural complaints and building up from your baseline. They use a variety of techniques including manipulation of joints, stretching and mobilizing muscle, relieving tension of fascia and muscle, and enhancing the body’s healing mechanisms.


Our Osteopaths Can Help With A Variety Of Conditions:

Neck and back pain



Disc injuries and sciatica

Sports injuries

Shoulder conditions including frozen shoulder and subacromial pain syndrome

Postural complaints

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