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Finding strength at your baseline

Clinical Pilates Reformer is known for and has plenty of evidence for benefitting one's posture and spinal mechanics. The equipment uses a five-spring and pulley system that allows for different resistances while completing specific Pilates exercises. The change in springs can target strength and stability, and allows for a variety of postural positions (eg. sitting, standing, side-lying) that can mimic real life functional tasks. The reformer can be utilized by all and can be individualized to take into each person’s baseline and goals.

We also use the reformer for rehab purposes. Through specific exercises, we can target each part of the body to treat conditions such as chronic neck pain, shoulder impingement, post-surgery recovery (eg. joint replacements) and post-trauma, where building the foundation of your core is key. Work on the reformer is a gentle, safe yet very effective way to stretch, balance and build up whole body strength.


We keep the sessions exciting, challenging and varied

As well, our therapists find the reformer very useful for individuals who participate in a wide range of sports such as ballet, dance, gymnastics, golf, running, climbing and swimming to name a few.

All clinical Pilates sessions are led by a licensed physio, which gives us a different way of thinking when it comes to reviewing mechanics and progressing rehab through the reformer. Our Pilates-trained physios have further progressed their Pilates practice by studying professional development courses focused on dance/ballet, advanced spinal rehab and golf mechanics.

What to expect in your initial session:

We will start with a thorough subjective assessment to identify your concerns, past medical history, past treatments and goals.

We will then complete an assessment looking at your mechanics including strength, mobility and posture.

Clinical Pilates starts with a foundation of understanding pelvis position, trans-abdominal and pelvic floor engagement, and breathing pattern. Your therapist will explain and teach you these concepts, as these basics form the foundation and are a priority to stabilizing the correct areas of the spine.

We will then introduce you to the Pilates reformer and complete some basic exercises with an emphasis on pelvis position, breathing, scapula control, neck and rib position.

The aim is to improve your awareness of body position, to adopt a better posture and to engage the correct muscles, which will all help with your symptoms and body mechanics.

You will leave with a treatment plan going forwards that can include home exercises focusing on the above, and/or further sessions to work on technique.


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