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Finding strength at your baseline

In clinic owner James’ earlier days working as a physio in hospital and clinical settings, he would become very frustrated at the lack of focus on strength and conditioning work, as he saw this as a vital part of injury prevention and the rehab process. Exercises, such as clams were prescribed for almost all conditions without considering the person’s goals and current functional ability.

At Seven Summits, we strive for more and will work with you in our gym environment to further analyze your strength mechanics and to identify performance limitations. Whether you want to improve your squat technique, the power in your golf swing, generalized conditioning for sports or progressions following a knee replacement, we have the knowledge and passion to plan a tailored S&C program to fit your needs.


Who Would Benefit From S&C:

We encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to book in for a strength and conditioning assessment to review your mechanics. S&C work can be for everyone.

For those of a younger age, who have a passion for sports and have certain sporting goals, S&C will greatly benefit you, as we can perform a review of your body mechanics and identify imbalances. This can place you in a better position for injury prevention and performance improvement.

There is no age too old for an S&C review. As we get older, our tissues are more susceptible to damage and take longer to heal post activity. As a result, assessing strength technique and highlighting limitations will allow the body to perform in its ‘best’ state to help prevent injuries. Your time can therefore be spent doing the activities you love and not on the sidelines because of injury.

What to expect from your session:

We will start with a thorough subjective assessment to identify your concerns and goals. If you have a sport focus, we will then dive into the components of your sport and the areas you believe need more attention.

We will assess your mechanics by looking at your global strength, balance, core stability and mobility. We will assess these through various components, including a functional screening which will look at squat mechanics, scapula control, core control on the Pilates reformer and if sport focused, a look at the specific muscle sling control for your sport.

Results will be explained, and a treatment plan developed to target the imbalances identified throughout the assessment.


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