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Finding strength at your baseline

Seven Summits physiotherapists’ are well-trained practitioners who have gone that extra step, and continue to do so, in progressing their skills to become experts in body mechanics. Our physios specialize in looking for the core issue to the injury. By getting to the root of the problem and not just treating the acute issue, this will lead to improved patient results in the long run.

Our physios are certified in acupuncture/dry needling and have all gained further advanced training in manual therapy and Pilates. We use manual therapy, soft tissue mobilization, strength and stability exercise, and educate on prevention techniques to avoid reoccurrence.


Here are some of the common complaints we assess and treat:


TMJ disorder


Acute and chronic back complaints

Pulley sprains

De Quervain's

Carpal tunnel

Achilles tendonitis

Golfer’s/Tennis elbow

Rotator cuff tears

Frozen shoulder

Hip impingement

Shoulder impingement

Runner’s knee

Plantar fasciitis

Meniscus tears

Anterior/Posterior cruciate ligament tears

We treat many other areas of the body, so this list is not exhaustive.

What to expect in your first session:

Our highly skilled physios will start with a thorough subjective assessment to gain detailed information about your symptoms. Short and long-term goals will be discussed, as these are vital in planning your rehab.

Our physios then look at body mechanics from the feet to the neck, depending on areas of concern, and they will assess body mobility, strength and nervous system involvement.

They will then aim to improve symptoms through a variety of treatment options including manual therapy, acupuncture, exercise and advice on mechanics.

A treatment plan is provided, which may include recommendations for further treatment and/or for an exercise program to be completed independently. You will leave understanding your plan and the next steps forward.


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