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The 7 Summits Sensorial Experience

April 5, 2023
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Welcome to the first-ever blog by Seven Summits Rehab and Health! For our first blog out, we wanted to highlight an important area that is often forgotten about in routine treatments that focus solely on the physical impairment, the seven senses. Yes 7, not 5!!

At Seven Summits, we created our holistic rehab model called the Sevens Model, which includes 7 areas of therapy and a specialized clinic environment, which together targets the 7 senses. There is plenty of evidence that connects stress and anxiety with prolonging and causing acute injuries. As such, by focusing on the 7 senses of the body, we hope this will help calm, relax and reduce inflammation to improve a patient’s mental and physical health.  

Today’s blog will focus on two of the senses, smell and taste, and how we have targeted them to create part of the clinic’s sensorial experience.

Upon entering the clinic, you will be hit by the signature scent that we have curated, which is a mix of East and West influences, and is reminiscent of a walk through nature. Specific therapeutic essential oils, such as Japanese hinoki and Indian lemongrass, were handpicked because they are powerful in their relaxation effects and soothing properties for muscle aches. The Italian bergamot then adds freshness while promoting calm, and spicy Indian cardamom is said to increase the lung’s oxygen intake during exercise; ideal for those participating in Pilates reformer and strength work in the clinic. Our unique blend of six different essential oils is diffused throughout the clinic and we look forward to having you smell our signature scent upon arrival.

The second sense we want to highlight is taste. After an active session in the clinic, patients are offered a complimentary drink of specially infused healthy waters. These waters are handcrafted by clinic owner James and are made fresh daily in small batches. Before becoming a physio, James trained in the culinary arts and worked in Michelin-starred restaurants around the world. With his passion for food, drink and nutrition, this was the perfect springboard to creating these healthy waters.

The waters have a similar background to our signature scent, as James handpicked each ingredient and was influenced by the concept of East meets West. He starts with creating his own homemade, non-alcoholic bitter that brings in seven different spices. Although in small amounts, the particular spices chosen, like ginger, cinnamon and cardamon, possess anti-inflammatory properties. The main base of our water uses an infusion of goji berries, which have been labelled a superfood due to their anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Once again, there is plenty of research on the benefits of such ingredients, so we feel after an active session with the physio or RMT, a rehydrating shot of our water will aid in calming your body’s initial inflammatory stages of healing.

This is just two of the 7 senses, so if you are keen to find out how we target the remaining five and are looking for a rehab clinic or needing treatment, then book in with Seven Summits Rehab and Health today!